Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Ruby Thursday Viajante

Remember when I finally bought my first hank of Wollmeise Lace in a lovely red Ruby Thursday colourway? It's now turned into a Viajante! I finished it mid-January, but didn't get around to taking decent photos until April due to the weather. I love this shawl! It is coming in handy this spring and I have it with me on holiday in Cornwall right now, instead of a cardigan.

Viajante took me 2 months to knit and it certainly felt a lot longer than that. The shawl is knitted in stocking stitch for the most part with a little bit of garter stitch at the start and a very simple lace edging around the bottom. You increase stitches as you go so every row takes longer and longer to finish. That does get tiring, especially if you are like me and like a challenge.

Because of course I can't stick to instructions

I had to make a few alterations. I'd been advised to make the garter stitch sections a little larger since it would function as a cowl and it might be too tight if I stopped when the instructions suggested. So I continued until I had 181 stitches in total, which seems fine. I really like the cowl bit. Another change I made was a necessary one: since I am much larger than most people, I had to make sure the body of the shawl would be wide enough for me. As a result, I increased stitches more frequently to fit shoulders and bust.

You may be able to tell that the lace edging isn't as open as on other people's images. This is because I have not blocked the shawl. I can hear shocked gasps from the experienced knitters here! I always block my shawls, but this one is so large that I have no room to do so. I might just block the edging at some point, though, because I would really like it to show off the lace more than it does now. That would also increase the shawl's size a little bit, which would be great. I do actually wish the shawl was a little larger and blocking would fix that.

Hey, I know how to do this! Not.

Of course, not everything worked out perfectly: I was already 4 rows into the main body of my Viajante when I realised that the designer's m1 increase is not at all done the same way I usually do it. She does explain her way, but of course I did not read it because I thought, "Hey, I know how to do an m1, I've done it before!" I should simply have read the instructions... So I changed my increase on row 5 instead. On Ravelry, there are lots of tips for an even better increase that will make the spine look much more even. I wish I had taken these knitters' advice!


  1. I have definitely been in a position when I'm working on a pattern and just assume to know it all, without reading the pattern properly anymore. And then indeed later figuring out I should've just read more carefully. Anyway, this turned out as a lovely shawl, I love the size of it! And it matches your pretty dress beautifully :)

    1. But will we ever learn to read patterns properly? I probably won't! Haha!

      Thank you for the compliment. I am wearing this outfit again today. I have to say, since it is so windy here in Cornwall right now, my shawl has grown! The tip almost reaches the floor now. I like that size a lot.