Sunday, 22 March 2015

What I do on Pinterest

Many of you probably know about Pinterest and have, like me, been sucked into its vast number of pictures and links to useful and not so useful things. I have no idea when I started using Pinterest, but it began as a private collection of things I found interesting or useful. What started with just a handful of boards dedicated to a few topics, I am surprised to find has grown to 42 boards in all - and that's after purging some that weren't very useful in the end. I still go back in and change things around, but nonetheless it is a huge number of boards with well over 2000 pins in total.

One of my fastest growing boards is dedicated to the representation of knitting in art.

Whenever I come across a painting, photograph or illustration that involves knitting in one way or another, I add it. As a student, I studied art and I don't recall ever learning about any paintings featuring knitting, which is a shame. Then again, since I wasn't a knitter yet, it may not have interested me too much at the time.

Nowadays, as a knitter, I love searching out stitch patterns and tutorials to help me come up with new designs. Very often I have to look up certain cast ons and bind offs, so I just had to create a board where I could pin all these things.

I have included tutorials that will be useful for beginners as well as advanced knitters, so there is something for everyone. A word of warning though: many of the stitch patterns are merely charted, so you need to be confident using charts. Luckily, the symbols are fairly universal and easily compared to any other charts you will have worked with before.

But not everything is about knitting! Something else I love to do is to cook so, inevitably, I just had to create a board for recipes I want to try someday. This is a huge board!

I have cooked quite a few of these things and liked nearly all of them. More recently, I added a separate board for bread recipes since I have been baking my own bread since late summer last year. Check it out if this is something you are interested in as well. Almost all recipes on these boards are in English, but you may come across a few German recipes here and there. These are usually recipes of things I miss from "home" and want to cook myself (it is a bit odd to refer to Germany as my home now that I feel perfectly at home in the UK).

What do you do on Pinterest? What type of things do you tend to pin most often? Share your links in the comments if you would like new followers.


  1. I haven't been using Pinterest a ton, but have recently begun looking into it more. I have a couple of boards dedicated to smal biz., blogging and social media as those are things I want to learn more about. Knitting has a place too in a couple of boards, but funnily enough I have many homesteading and cooking related boards.

    You can see all of my boards here: - I would love to have you join in on the fun.

    1. Following you now! Your boards sound vey interesting so I am sure I will be adding a few pins to my boards too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the idea of a board about knitting in art! I never realised it would be represented so well.