Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Knitting and Crochet Inspiration: Bunting, Socks, Cardigan and Dress

(All images are taken from the designers' pages linked to below.)

If you find yourself stuck for something new to knit or crochet, these new finds of mine may be just what you are looking for. 

1. Yellowcosmo's Rock the Lobster is a stunning cardi I would love to knit someday. If you're not afraid of tackling a yoke, you should give this a go. I love the way the elements break up the two colours here. But careful: steeking is involved!

2. This pretty rainbow bunting is available as a free pattern, so there's nothing stopping you from getting your crochet hooks out. Even though I rarely crochet, this is very tempting. If you can knit a granny square, you can knit this bunting, too.

3. The Daughter Heir by SammiLynn is a recent find and I fell in love with the cabling at first sight. These are the kind of socks I love to knit: challenging and intricate with delicate cabling. I especially like the ribbing at the gusset which makes a usually boring section far more interesting to knit, not to mention visually appealing. These socks are knitted from the cuff down and the pattern is free.

4. Here's another knitting pattern I fell in love with right from the start: Nightswimming by AnkeStrick. The pattern is in English, but there is a German Ravelry group that can help German knitters with translations. I especially like the asymmetric shape and the patterning that comes from the use of short rows. This is the sort of knitted dress I like to wear and maybe on day I will give this pattern a go.


  1. I love the Rock the Lobster cardi! Steeking a colorwork yoked sweater is on my knitting bucket list, maybe something by Kate Davies? And the dress looks totally wearable. Just gorgeous! I think my queue has just found some new patterns :)

    1. Rock the Lobster is so tempting. I am a bit afraid of steeking, but I will do it one day.... just not now! Fingers crossed you make a great cardi!