Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dye For Yarn - Silk Lace Yarn

It's true: I have bought more yarn so far in 2015 than I did in all of 2014! All the yarn is from indie dyers, too, and was just too tempting to resist any longer. Something that had been on my wish list for a long time was the silk yarn from German indie dyers Dye For Yarn. I found them on Etsy last year and loved their photos. Most of all, their colours were stunning.

Even though I bought the yarn (pure mulberry silk) a while ago, I only realised now why I hadn't yet written about my purchase: it is not quite what I had expected. Mind, the yarn feels alright and it will do nicely for a large shawl, which is what I had planned to use it for. However, the colours aren't quite as vivid and shiny as on the pictures in store. I also realised that I am disappointed in it because it is not nearly as good as the pure silk yarns I have bought from two other indie dyers in the past. I wish my Dye For Yarn skeins were tightly plied which would give them the sheen I had expected and will also make the yarn less splitty. 

My skeins are nice and soft, though, and feel a lot more like wool than silk. The purple skein clearly looks like magenta in reality despite the shop's product photos and is a one-of-a-kind colourway called Love is poison. (I am not too surprised by it looking like magenta because I suspect the dyers use Ashford dyes whose purple is actually what I call magenta.) I wanted to match it with another colour for a colour work shawl and chose teal, or Giant clam closing forever. The latter was slightly cheaper as it is a knotty skein, which I don't mind since I can always undo the knots and simply weave in the ends when I am done knitting.

So all in all I am not as excited about this purchase as I had hoped even though everything about the yarn is fine. It will do very nicely for what I have in mind. The only reason I am disappointed is because I expected this yarn to be similar to other silk yarns I have used and the photos on the website were more lustrous and showed a slightly deeper colour. So it is not what I expected, but it is still good yarn and the colours go together very well.

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