Friday, 27 March 2015

Bath Crochet Heart Yarn Bomb

(Image from my Instagram account)

Last year saw the first yarn bombing of Bath during Fashion Week, which ended in pillars wound with knitted and crocheted roses. I was sad not to have seen it for myself or participated in it because it looked great on photos I saw. During this year's Fashion Week, Emma Leith organised another yarn bomb right in the city centre where I found this little arrangement of crochet hearts and decorated flower baskets in Milsom Street.

It is a cheerful sight and I wish there was more. It is just a small area, but it adds lots of colour to the place, especially on a day as grey as the one on which I ventured out to find this installation.


  1. It looks adorable, thanks so much for sharing your picture x

    1. Thank you for commenting, Josie.

      It was so nice to come across this yarn bombing by chance while running errands. Such a colourful spot in the middle of town.