Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hocus Pocus Self-striping Socks

Remember The Knitting Swede's self-striping yarn I wrote about in December? It's finally knitted up into socks. And they are so lovely! the colours are so vivid and pretty that I decided to knit a pair of plain socks instead of adding some sort of patterning like I usually do. I think this may even be my only pair of plain socks ever so far.

This has also been the first time I was able to knit socks with 2 mm needles instead of my usual 2.5 mm. The socks fit perfectly, even the ribbing along the cuff isn't too overly stretched. I am hoping that this will remain the case even after the first wash. I think I will stick to handwashing these just in case (I should do that more often anyway).

 I used a simple k1 p1 ribbing here for a snug fit and chose the Eye of Partridge heel because I love the texture of it. What I really like about these broad stripes is that despite knitting a heel flap, the stripes are not that much narrower between cuff and foot. Usually, unless you knit the afterthought heel, your stripes are interrupted while you use the yarn to knit your heel and gusset. It worked out really well for my Hocus Pocus socks and you can barely tell the difference. I wasted a lot of time fretting about it in advance, so I am very pleased the stripes turned out fine in the end.

Look at that pretty heel! It sits well and the socks feel good when I wear them. Who knew knitting a plain pair could bring so much joy?

The tip of the toe is a bit pointy so I could really have bound off a few rows earlier, I think. However, I am sure it will widen eventually. All I want to do now is put my feet up and admire my socks!

What is your experience with self-striping sock yarn? What kind of heel do you knit when you use this type of yarn? And do you mind if the stripes are interrupted when you knit a heel like mine? Let me know.


  1. Oooh that heel is the stuff of dreams! I really love the colour of the stripes. I have to say I haven't knit that many self striping sock yet, so I'm still looking for my perfect heel for them. I currently have a pair on the needles for which I used the fish lips kiss heel, but I haven't decided yet if I'm happy with it :p

    1. I've onlny heard about the fish lips kiss heel recently and want to look it up soon. I suspect it won't fit me, but the technique interests me. I look forward to seeing your socks.