Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014 Knitting Project Round-up

(Image from my Ravelry project page)

Looking back on 2014, the year does not seem as productive as I expected at first glance. Still, I did finish 12 projects, some of which were long-time WIPs. The first project I finished was, in fact, a three-year-old Seascape shawl knitted with Rowan Kid Silk Haze. I also worked on projects that remain WIPs, and I started a large shawl I nearly finished by the end of the year.

So what were my knitting achievements in the past year?

  • I finished a WIP of three years and it is stunning
  • I did one test knit for a fellow designer
  • I discovered a new and interesting sock construction
  •  the pair of socks I had to reknit not just once, but twice eventually won prizes in two competitions
  • I broke my own record of 88 little hats for The Big Knit by knitting and crocheting 105
  • I picked up a shawl I left unfinished for nearly a year because the last pattern repeat was wrong and finished it within 10 minutes, which includes figuring out my place in the pattern
  • just in time for the cold season, I knitted a hat and cowl from my own handspun yarn
  • against my better judgement, I knitted toys ... and mostly liked it

Now, that doesn't sound bad at all! Are you happy with what you have achieved in 2014? Do you have any goals for the New Year?


  1. Very productive - well done! :)

  2. Thanks, Silva. Here's to another productive year!

  3. A very productive year indeed, and it must feel so satisfying to finish a WIP a 3 years.

    1. It does! It took so long bevause the yarn was so fine and fuzzy I could barely see what I was doing. I was glad when I finished it, but it was also worth it.

  4. What a productive year Nadia. I'm glad you mostly enjoyed knitting toys, I think I've only knitted one, which I loved, but it can be fiddly.

  5. What a great feeling it must have been to finally finish a 3 year old WIP. I'm starting to really enjoy knitting toys but I don't want to do too many because I can't bring myself to give them away :-/ haha

    1. It did feel good!

      Toy knitting is strange. I don't want to give the toys away either, but I really have no space for them either. It is quite a dilemma. I recently made two toys for friends' kids, just so I could knit them without cluttering up the flat even more.