Thursday, 8 January 2015

2014 Hand-spinning Round-up

Last year marked my first participation in the Tour de Fleece, a spinning event that takes place every year alongside the Tour de France. I joined a team that was all about a leisurely spinning experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My only goal was to use up some of my stash, especially some older (and at times mysterious) fibre.

Five of the seven finished yarns are actually from this one month of furious spinning. I have not included the three fibre samples I also spun, and I must mention that I started on some soybean fibre that was just impossible. I soon gave up and passed it on to a spinner who will be more successful, I hope. I suspect soy is better used as a blending fibre instead of being spun on its own.

The two Malabrigo yarns were the only other spinning projects for the rest of the year and this sounds like very little. However, they turned out beautifully and have been knitted up already.

So, what were my spinning achievements in 2014?

  • I took part in the Tour de Fleece for the first time
  • I finally used up older fibre from my stash
  • I only bought two new lots of fibre, one of which I spun up right away
  • three of the fibres were new to me (milk protein, soybean and Jacob) and a fourth was a mystery
  • my plying has improved considerably as seen in my Malabrigo yarns
  • it was the first time I spun yarn of a specific weight for specific projects
  • I spun punis for the first time (and did not enjoy it)
  • I finally splurged on a tiny Turkish spindle that I use for short periods of relaxed knitting

I have two unfinished spinning projects on my spindles: I am a slow spindle spinner so these fibres may have to wait a long time to get done at last. There's the baby camel and silk sliver parked on my supported spindle, and then the Australian merino on my little Turkish. While I hope I can include them in next year's round-up, you just never know.


  1. Blue Skies and Snowflakes is beautiful. Congrats on your first ever Tour de Fleece!

    1. Thank you, I like it as well. It tuned out much nicer than I had expected. If only I'd known, I would have spun it sooner. The fibre was in my stash for ages!