Sunday, 14 December 2014

Countess Ablaze: Nerds Prefer Their Rainbows Darker

More yarn! I have been very good this year and bought hardly any yarn, so I am not feeling too guilty about splurging on this beautiful hand-dyed skein from Countess Ablaze. Nerds Prefer Their Rainbows Darker is a colourway I have been wanting for some time so I finally took the plunge and bought it during a free-postage weekend. That said, all prices, including postage, is reasonable and I recommend this indie dyer to those who love hand-dyed wool. I paid £15 for this, which is a great price.

I first came across Countess Ablaze on Etsy shortly before she closed her shop there. At the time, I fell in love with another colourway entirely: Frenzy in the Tia Merino base yarn. Next time I will definitely get myself some of that!

This Nerds Prefer Their Rainbows Darker is wonderfully soft and I love the colours. It also contains silver stellina for that extra sparkle, so it is no wonder I couldn't resist. The yarn base is called Viscount of Spark due to the sparkle, and it also contains 75% merino wool and 20% nylon. Excellent for socks, but the yarn is so wonderful that I am worried about knitting socks from it. I don't want to damage it! However, the yarn is machine washable, so I am probably worrying about nothing. The skein weighs 100 grams and gives you 400 metres of yarny goodness.

I am glad I bought it! I took a calculated risk and went for it after only hearing good things about Countess Ablaze yarns. I can tell it will be a pleasure to knit and can't wait.

Have you tried her yarns, too? What do you think? What other indie yarn dyers do you recommend?


  1. Tia Merino is the base of yarn, the colourway is Frenzy and it is gloriously soft and beautiful. BFL is robust enough to be used for socks and nylon added in will make it even stronger.. However, I wouldn't want to hide this loveliness in my socks either..

    I'm a big fan of Posh Yarn, Old Maiden Aunt, Knitting Goddess, BabyLongLegs, Kettle Yarns and those are just the ones that sprung to mind without thinking about it. We have lots of great indie dyers in the UK and there are plenty I haven't got around to trying, that I want to.

    1. Thanks for the correction regarding Frenzy, Chrissy! I somehow never realised that the colourway's name is NOT Tia Merino, but Frenzy. Oops. I look forward to seeing how you use your skein.

      I need to have a look at the indie-dyers you mentioned. I have heard of some, but not all and never bought from them before.

  2. I have not used this, but I love the colours of this yarn, can't wait to see what you make with it

  3. The name of that colourway is perfect! And the colours itself as well of course. I hadn't heard about the yarn yet, so I'm curious to see what your experience will be and how this will knit up. And you should never feel guilty for indulging in some pretty yarn :)