Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Changes to Pattern Sales on Ravelry 2015

You may be aware of changes to EU VAT tax legislation coming into effect in the New Year that affect digital sales in the EU. (If you want to know more, EU VAT Action is the best place to find up-to-date information at the moment.)

So what's going on?

I wrote about the new EU VAT laws for digital products and services in a previous post and, in short, this legislation is causing many issues for small businesses due to the added administrative burden, not to mention the inability to comply for technical reasons in many cases. Because the legislation did not take into account or even inform the many small businesses and sole traders that exist, it makes it impossible or, at the very least too cumbersome, for some to comply. Also, it affects everyone worldwide in one way or another since we all buy and sell globally across borders. 

How does this affect me as a buyer?

It depends on the seller, really. Some knitting pattern designers will stop selling, others will put their prices up to reflect the additional admin involved in complying with the new rules, and others will find ways to stay in business somehow. You may see price increases or products being available only to certain countries unless there is a change in legislation (which many of us are campaigning for).

I'm on Ravelry. How do I buy your patterns?

Having been surprised by the new legislation as much as many of us, Ravelry have worked incredibly hard to make it possible for designers to stay on the site to sell our patterns. (Because Ravelry are awesome like that.) If you are a member, read their announcement here about what will change when you buy your patterns from tomorrow onwards.

You will be able to buy my patterns on Ravelry as before. Nothing changes for you as a UK or non-EU customer. However, if you are a buyer from another EU country, you will be automatically directed to with whom Ravelry has partnered up and where you will need to open an account to make a purchase. Your purchased pattern will then appear in your Ravelry library. You can also buy my patterns directly on LoveKnitting as I have imported them all (just do a search for Abso-knitting-lutely on the site).

I want to help. What can I do?

If you would like to help designers (and a whole host of other sellers of digital products and services), here is a list of things you can do to make a difference.

Thank you and, despite all this sudden upheaval, have a happy and healthy New Year!


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