Monday, 3 November 2014

The Abso-knitting-lutely Wish List

We are slowly nearing Christmas, there is no denying it, and I have started doing my Christmas shopping. While I am thinking about what others might like, I am also looking at other knitters' wish lists and finding lots of good ideas for myself. That's not the way this is meant to work! Since I love looking at what other crafters would like, I thought you might fancy a peek at my own wish list. So, in no particular order, here we are!

1. Clover mini pompom maker: While I was knitting all those hats for The Big Knit, I was really wishing I had one of those small pompom makers to embellish them with. If only for that. They would come in useful every year.

2. Yarn bowl: Not just any yarn bowl, but this particular one! Sadly, the seller is in the US, which is why I haven't ordered one since discovering it two years ago. I love this bowl because of its colours and the design. The twist, the holes, the slit for the yarn - it is all just beautifully executed.

3. Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal: The yarn, not the book. I recently saw the book in my local wool shop and had a look at the actual yarn and I love it. There was a lovely teal I could imagine myself using as well as the gold from the cover photo. And the green. And the purple. And...

4: The Fleece and Fibre Sourcebook: This book has been on my wish list for a long time. It isn't a book I ever thought I would like, but now that I have been spinning for a long time, I'd like to learn about the different types of wool. It would be a useful resource.

As we crafters know, of course we cannot possibly narrow down our list too just four items, so here are some more items my wish list cannot possibly be without:

5. Storage cases for all my needles and hooks: Even though my needle collection is lacking in sizes, I do have quite a lot of circulars, DPNs, interchangeables and a few pairs of straight needles. I would love to have one single case or storage system that allows me to put all needles in it in an organised fashion. So far I haven't found a good solution to this.

6. Medium or large project bag: I love those little pyramid bags for my sock projects, but I need a nice project bag of medium or large size for shawls and jumpers, ideally with a little notions bag. There are lots of people making nice bags on Etsy and it is hard for me to decide which I like best.

7. Drumcarder: This is a big wish and at present I have no space for it, but one day I will have a drumcarder! At the first wool fair I visited, I had the chance to play with one and blend my own batt. I loved it and would really enjoy combining my own colours. 

So what's on your crafty wish list? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I'm actually in the process of deciding what I should spend my birthday money on. When you finally have the cash in your hand it can be difficult to choose. I have bought one thing already, the StitchMastery program, worth every penny.
    And I love that yarn bowl too...

  2. That's a very nice list. I still have my birthday coming up before christmas and we also celebrate Sinterklaas over here, so even more lists to think about. But this year I will definitely ask for a circular needle set and maybe a yarn winder, but not sure about it yet.

  3. So many pre-Christmas birthdays! I hope you both get to splurge on something nice.

    I forgot about Sinterklaas and St Nicholas Day. Since I am German, I do Niklaus on the 6th of December. I will have to think of a little something to give to my boyfriend. We always set a limit of £10 and see what we can find.

  4. I have never heard of/ seen a yarn bowl before, this is now on my wish list! Also since getting my first set of Knit Pro's I am very keen to expand my collection and try some more of their sets... AND (because the list goes on...) I have had my eye on this amazing knitting bag/trolley which has loads of storage space, pouches and pockets and is decorated in a yarn ball and needle pattern!

    1. Hi A Little Knit! That trolley has me intrigued now. I can't seem to open the link to it you tweeted, but will try again later. It may be something for my next wish list.