Thursday, 27 November 2014

Rodney the Reindeer Kit from Let's Knit

(Image from my Instagram)

This month I have been on a surprising toy knitting binge. It's unusual because, normally, I do not knit toys at all. They are too fiddly and I have no space for them in our tiny flat. Besides, I am not sure how our vast number of resident teddies would feel about any further additions.

So what started this sudden toy knitting craze? I blame Let's Knit magazine.

While I am not a regular buyer of knitting magazines, I will get sucked in by an interesting pattern or knitting kit once in a while. So when Let's Knit published its issue with the Rodney kit, I just had to have it. Look at that little reindeer! Isn't he sweet? I am amazed he actually turned out the way he was meant to. Quite often, the result does not look like the picture, which is frustrating. This time, though, Rodney the reindeer came out perfect and I love him.

Eric, the teddy, is particularly thrilled. He is Rodney's biggest fan, as you can see. He even has the onesie to match! 

How do you feel about knitting toys? What's your favourite knitted toy so far? Let me know.


  1. Rodney is adorable! And right in time for Christmas :)
    I really enjoy knitting toys, especially the Mochi Mochi land patterns. Only they always end up just lying in a drawer somewhere, which is a bit sad.

    1. Aw, those patterns are always lovely. I only ever knitted the little bunnies, but they are also lying about in places because I have no idea where to keep knitted toys. I think I need to make friends with people who have children as a way to make space and still keep knitting toys.