Thursday, 9 October 2014

Secret Christmas Knitting with Knit Pro Cubics

This is a bit of a mysterious post today. I am knitting a Christmas gift and don't want the recipient to see what it is, but I couldn't resist posting about it either. So I am not going to tell you what it is, except that it is lacy and made from my own hand-dyed sock yarn.

Made from 100% BFL, this yarn is great for more than just socks, which is why I am making something lacy from it. I dyed it with ultramarine, turquoise and emerald acid dyes and so far there has been no pooling in the knitted fabric, which is great. At just under 400 m, I may run out of yarn before the pattern says it should. Luckily, it probably won't make much of a difference, so I will just keep knitting till I run out.
The pattern itself isn't listed on Ravelry, which surprises me. It is available on The Knitter's blog, however, if  you would like to go on a hunt for my mystery knit. If you follow me on social media, you will have seen a link to it in the last two months. I know this all sounds frustratingly mysterious, but I will post all the details once Christmas is over.
The exciting thing about this project is that I had to buy new needles! I have a fairly small selection of sizes and this pattern called for 4.5 mm needles that I didn't have. A great excuse for trying out the Knit Pro Cubics made from Rosewood. I was curious about them because I know people who absolutely love them, but I also know some who absolutely hate them. 

Luckily, I like them too. They give me slightly better grip than rounded needles, which is perfect given this size. I can imagine that the edges may be uncomfortable on larger sizes, but at 4.5 mm it feels just right. Having been a fan of Knit Pro's wooden needles, I am also fond of the Rosewood range now. It looks a little bit more grown-up than the colourful Symphony, which was my favourite range for a long time. 

I have heard from a few people that their Cubics broke very easily, so I am hoping mine won't do the same. Rounded needles are generally stronger. (Physics, don't ask me why!) If you are a tight knitter, these may not be ideal for you. However, there are Cubics made from metal as well, in the Nova range, though I couldn't find them in British shops when I last looked. I am sure they'll be coming soon though.

Have you tried Cubics yet? I am curious how you are getting on with them. Let me know!


  1. I've never tried the cubics but they look very interesting indeed! As for knitpro I LOVE my Karbonz, they never let me down. I also have some Symphony DPNs and although they are super pretty (and smell kind of nice), I've had quite a few that split, so I'm not sure I'd buy those again. Maybe for me it's safest to stick to the metal needle ranges.

  2. I like the metal ones, too, as well as Symphony. I haven't had problems with the wooden ones yet, but I am wary just in case they do break or split. I haven't tried the Karnonz yet, so I may buy a set to see what they're like. Like with Cubics, I know people who love them and others who hate them - there seems to be no in-between.

  3. I had no idea such needles existed! They look a bit odd to me but logically I can see that they'd work the same... your project looks like a very pretty something, I'm excited to see the end result! :)

  4. Hi Elise! The needles are intriguing because we are used to round needles instead. I am still enjoying them and the mystery project is nearly done. So far, the Cubics have been working very well for me.