Friday, 24 October 2014

My First Wollmeise Lace

It is ironic that I should find out about Wollmeise only after leaving Germany to live in the UK. I was  a knitter for a few years before my move, but I had never heard of Wollmeise before and I was completely unaware of all the hype.

Once I became aware of the brand, I, like many others, loved the many colours and was keen to try the yarn for myself. Since Wollmeise is so popular, it is hard to get your hands on it, especially in the online store. I was lucky enough to receive a skein of their Twin yarn years ago and I will be posting photos of the shawl I made from it soon. I was happy with the Twin, but I didn't think it was anything particularly special. The colour was lovely, but the yarn felt unexpectedly rough.

The yarn I really wanted to try was Wollmeise lace. I once nearly bought a skein from a fellow knitter from my knitting group, but I was disappointed that it was a solid instead of one of the multicolour skeins and the roughness of the yarn put me off as well. So I declined and didn't think much about the yarn for a while.

Then came the release of Viajante, a pattern specifically designed with one skein of Wollmeise lace, and I was intrigued. I thought about substituting the yarn with another, but for a change I wanted to knit with the recommended yarn just to make sure the result is as close to the original pattern as possible. Now, Wollmeise isn't cheap and I spent quite a while saving up for it, enough so I don't feel bad about splashing out. Then I searched people's stashes on Ravelry to see who was selling any and I was lucky enough to find three skeins of interest. two were blue, but things got in the way and the sale didn't happen. Then I came across a lady who sold the Ruby Thursday colourway which, just by chance, happens to be the exact same yarn I nearly bought from my knitting group friend years ago! 

Yesterday, the huge skein of red lace arrived in the post and I love the colour. It is such a nice, deep red - just what I like in my favourite colour. I still think the yarn should be softer and nicer to the touch than it is, though, so I do not subscribe to the hype. It is a good yarn, but probably a bit overrated. I will be casting on my Viajante as soon as I finish my next project. I think it will come in useful in these colder days and I am really looking forward to knitting and wearing my lovely red Viajante.

I'm curious as to what you think of Wollmeise, if you have tried it. Do you think it is overrated or that it lives up to its hype? What have you made from your Wollmeise?


  1. The yarn softens as you work with it. Then it becomes incredibly sproingy. I knit a Viajante and I'm going to tell you what I wish someone had told me - make the triangle bigger before joining in the round or your neck will overheat in anything other than frosty weather. Basically work out how open you like your cowls to be and make the triangle that size.

    I've worked with Twin, Pure and the Lace. Twin is a bit less springy than the pure, but it softens up over time. It really is more suited to situations that require yarn to be tough. The Pure and the Lace are gorgeous when you knit with them though. Much softer and springy. If you ever want to buy Lace online try just after 8am and 4pm on a Friday as that's when it's updated. I went on at about 8.30am yesterday and there were 4 Lace skeins left.

  2. I've never knit with Wollmeise so I'm curious to hear about your experience with it. Maybe it will also soften up after a wash? I definitely want to try it some time, the colour looks so deep and beautiful.

  3. Chrissy, thanks for pointing out that the yarn softens. I hope it does! This skein isn't as rough as the one I was able to have a look at some years ago, so that's a good sign. I will also keep in mind your advice about Viajante. I hope to start knitting it next, after finishing the cowl I am making right now. I am waiting for my new wool winder to arrive before I tackle it because I don't want to do any yarn winding without it when it comes to such a huge skein.