Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Koi Rama in Wollmeise

Three years ago I was gifted the pattern for the beautiful Koi Rama shawl that I had had my eye on. It took another two years before I actually cast on to knit it on Christmas Day 2013. After a few false starts, I finally got into the pattern and enjoyed knitting the shawl. I made the smaller size since that is all I could knit with one skein of Wollmeise Twin (colourway Mango), but when I blocked it, it grew quite a bit. With some more aggressive blocking, it could be a really good size, actually.

The name Koi Rama indicate what the design is about: the open lace in the body of the shawl resembles Koi while the edging is meant to depict butterflies (rama). These stitch patterns were competely new to me and I love them. They are the reason the pattern appealed to me as soon as I came across it and I just had to knit it.

I am not sure when I actually finished knitting Koi Rama in the end. When I cast off, I wasn't happy with how the last few repeats had turned out. I must have made a mistake along the way because the fabric seemed to bulge and pucker for some reason. So I put the shawl aside while I mulled over if I wanted to undo the rows and reknit them. Then other projects came along and I never got back to this one.

Then this month I finished a few other projects and had nothing else to knit. I saw my shawl lying there, waiting for me to finally get back to it and I could no longer put it off. In the end, it took me longer to find the pattern than it did to reknit the last bit of the shawl! The mistake was made somewhere in the last 5 rows or so, so it was easy to rip back and start over. I have no idea why I went wrong because I had no problem knitting this bit again. Now the shawl is finished, blocked and waiting to be worn. Can't wait! I hope to take some better pictures of it when we have a bit more light.


  1. Lovely pattern! And what a gorgeous color :)

    Well done!

  2. Thank you, Baa. I am very happy with it and love the colour. The shade is called Mango and you can see why. Beautiful shade.

  3. Beautiful, that colour really pops!

  4. Gorgeous! And I just love that gold colour- I want to knit one too! Well done for ripping back and putting it right

  5. Ripping back was definitely the best decision and I now wish I had done it sooner. Ah well, live and learn!

  6. Beautiful! This one is going into my favorites, if not quite into my queue.

    1. It is a stunning design! I felt exactly the same as you when I first came across the pattern. It simply had to go on my list of favourites.