Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Big Knit 2014 - Goal Achieved

Are you knitting yet? I have been busy! The deadline for The Big Knit has been pushed back to November and I have just finished knitting and crocheting my lot. My goal was to make 100 of these tiny hats and my final total is 105 because, obviously, I can't count. I only used leftover yarn I already had, both 4-ply and DK. Towards the end I discovered I had bits of cotton yarn in my stash as well, so I crocheted a few hats with it too. Crocheting them is so much faster, I might used that technique more often next year.
Making so many hats does get a little boring at around 70, which is why I slowed down a bit and went a few days without any knitting or crocheting whatsoever. Not good, but it was necessary. I found myself wanting to get on with my Christmas knitting, which I had had to put on hold till the end of the Big Knit. Luckily, though, these hats are quick knits and a pefect accompaniment for TV nights, radio and waiting rooms. They got me through a 2-hour wait in hospital last month, so that's something.
This year, I had particular issues with pompoms and quickly gave up on them. I should really invest in a small pompom maker since I am sure I will be knitting these hats again in the future, and they just look better with little pompoms on top, don't you think? In the end, following my discovery of the cotton yarns, I learned to crochet little hearts that I attached to the top of some hats. I really love how they turned out and enjoyed making these hearts. You can find the free pattern here.
This year some of my hats have intarsia, fairisle, stripes, textured, and some are simply plain. My favourites are the strawberry hat as well as the intarsia and fairisle ones because they just look the most interesting and were fun to knit. To my surprise I really love the crochet hats as as well, which is all down to the little heart tags. Normally I dislike the look of crochet.
I didn't use any particular pattern for the crochet hats and just winged it. I experimented with double and triple crochet, which was fun and fast. As for the knitted hats, at first I knitted them in the round to avoid sewing, but in the end I changed to knitting a flat piece and sewing it up instead. It doesn't take long at all despite the extra step and you are only using two DPNs instead of four or five. Always a bonus!
So here they are, all boxed up and ready to go to my local Age UK branch. How are you knitting your hats? Are you using patterns or making yours up as you go along? Tell me what you're doing.


  1. Those hats look amazing, great job! And so many as well, really impressive.

  2. Thank you, it took some time to finish, with a longish break in-between because I was bored. Next year I'll make some more, though perhaps not 100.

  3. Such a lovely box of hats! Well done!

  4. Thank you, DemyBlackDesign. I hope they find lovely homes.

  5. I love the little hearts, good idea! I have the pompom makers in every size though, I couldn't be without them now, the tiny ones take about two minutes to make :) I realised the deadline had been pushed back before I even started making any, which turned out to be very useful since I've only done about ten! My aim is for 100 too so we'll see if I get there...

  6. Good luck, Elise! I think you can do it. I hear the deadline for submissions directly to Innocent Smoothies has been pushed back to December now, though if you bring the hats to Age UK the deadline is still November. My fingers are crossed for you!