Monday, 29 September 2014

Oma's Christmas Bed Socks

This year, my grandmother put in her Christmas wish early. In June she told me she would like a pair of warm bed socks because she always has cold feet at night. So I got to work right away - and then got distracted by knitting for The Big Knit instead. 

Once I reached my goal, I returned to my grandmother's socks with all sorts of fancy ideas for elaborate patterns. As you can see, I abandoned those ideas - and some already knitted frilly edges - in favour of a simple pair of socks with ribbing. I figured these would be the warmest and they wouldn't come off that easily in her sleep. 

I used a mystery yarn that I previously used for a shawl for my grandmother last Christmas too. It is a DK weight or perhaps slightly heavier. Because of this, it was a really quick knit. My grandmother has quite small feet and I hope the socks fit and aren't too floppy. It's still ages to go till Christmas, but now that these are done, I can work on other Christmas knits. I won't be able to post about all of them here since some of the recipients are also readers of this blog. Once the holidays are out of the way, I am sure I will be able to post pictures.

Have you started your Christmas knitting yet? What are you planning to make? Or have you decided not to give any handmade gifts at all this year?


  1. I have yet to start all of my christmas knits, but bed socks are such a great idea. Never tried knitting socks in DK before, but I imagine they are so comfortable and warm.

  2. They are certainly quite chunky. It was odd knitting socks in that weight, but also very quick. So if you have anyone to make bed socks for, I do recommend DK yarn.

  3. I don't knit for Christmas after my first year of trying and failing to do so. I have resolved to only knit for people's birthdays and for new babies :)

  4. Hi Hardknitlife!

    That sounds sensible to me. Christmas is the time we give so many presents all at once so that is a lot of knitting. Knitting for birthdays and other events sounds like a good idea, actually.