Sunday, 14 September 2014

IST Turkish Spindle

It's here! My tiny Turkish spindle from IST Crafts has arrived after a 45-day wait and I am in love with it. It is made from ancient English bog oak that is over 5000 years old. Excavated from the East Anglian fenland basin, this particular piece of oak has been carbon dated to 3300 BC, according to the website. This long history is what made me choose this wood for my spindle.
Contrary to the photos displayed on the IST website, this spindle is made entirely from the same wood. I love the colour and grain of the oak. Brass weights have been inserted into the arms for a long spin, but the entire spindle only weighs 10 - 14 g. The shaft is 14 cm long and the spindle measures 8 cm across. The craftsmanship is outstanding, which is why this is not my first IST spindle, even though it is my first Turkish design.
The spindle consists of three pieces that you assemble by slotting the arms together and pushing the shaft through.The thicker end at the bottom of the shaft keeps everything in place so there is no need to force everything to fit snugly.
The spindle feels lovely, too. I am very tactile and enjoy the feel of the wood. The shaft is a bit rougher than the smoothly crafted arms, but even those have a texture you can feel under your fingers. Beautiful all round.
The wood is a very dark brown, nearly black. This gives it an attractive warm glow that goes well with the material. (Wood, to me, has always been a warm material as opposed to stone. A little remnant from my sculpture studies.)
All in all, this is a stunningly beautiful spindle and I am very happy I decided on this particular wood. It had been a very difficult decision, but I loved the history of this oak and am glad I have a piece of ancient British history right in my own hands.

Have you got a crafting tool that means a lot to you? Tell me about it in the comments.


  1. These are wonderful spindles, I'm glad you love yours. And what an amazing history it has, that makes it so special.

  2. It is a beauty! It makes for some relaxed slow spinning, which is different from using my wheel. The spindle is definitely for a long, slow project.