Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ready For the Big Knit 2014?

Some of you may already be busy knitting or crocheting the little hats for this year's Big Knit. It's a lot of fun to make these little things for charity and seeing the Innocent Smoothie bottles with their fancy hats all lined up in store in November. I took part in previous years, but last year I didn't have the time. So I am hoping to drop off a bag of little hats at Age UK in a few weeks.

The deadline for submissions is in September, though if the past years are anything to go by, I am sure it will be pushed back further. If you need pattern ideas, have a look at the official website - there you'll also find crochet patterns, including a really cool little tortoise hat. My favourites are the fez and, of course, the strawberry hat which I have knitted a few times by now. I am not using patterns this time, but am making up the hats as I go along. This usually results in a good variety of interesting hats. So far I have made hats in two colours, with stripes, stranded work and I will probably get some lace in as well.

Have you started already? Do you have a particular goal in mind? Are you designing your own hats or using the patterns on the Big Knit website? Show off what you're doing in the comments below!

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