Monday, 28 July 2014

Tour de Fleece: Day 21 - 22

The final two days have come and gone and the tour has ended. It's been a great and productive ride and I am very glad I finally joined in. I look forward to next year. This is what happened the last two days.

Day 21:
I didn’t realise the tour ends tomorrow! I was planning to make today a rest day since I spent the day in Oxford at a moot with Tolkien geeks. By the time I got back, I still had enough energy to spin, though, and did some more plying.

Total spinning time: 1h 00m

Day 22:
It’s the final day of the tour! I have plied the last of this challenges fibre and took a lot of pictures for a nice recap of the finished skeins.

Total spinning time: 0h 45m

Next time, I'll post a recap with my achieved goals and post photos of the final results. Have you taken part in the tour as well? How did you get on? Let me know.

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