Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tour de Fleece 2014: Day 6 - 10

Day 6:When I bought my punis, I was also sent a lovely hand-dyed fibre sample I was dying to try. Ispun up Fondant Fibre's handful of superwash merino in the colourway ‘Meadowsweet’ and got 43.5 m out of it, spun on the wheel, plied on a spindle. I prefered the colours in the singles to the ones in the 2-ply, which is something I am noticing more often. I just like how the colours graduate in the simgles.
Total spinning time: 2h
Day 7:
Due to 25 hours without internet connection, I spun a bit longer than usual. I started a new fibre from Easyknits that I have called Doe in the Woods. It was a gift a long while back and I didn’t like the colours of it initially, but it looks great spun up so far.
Total spinning time: 3h 30m
Day 8:
I planned to just spin half an hour since my back was acting up again, but managed a full hour instead. I am happy with that.
Total spinning time: 1h
Day 9:
There's been very little spinning today due to preparations for the football World Cup final in Brazil and my German party. After a very tense match that my country won, I was finally calm enough to spin a little bit. Still, I did finish all singles and will be plying tomorrow.
Total spinning tome: 0h 30m
Day 10:
My Doe in the Woods yarn is plyed and turned into a fingering weight skein. Even though it isn’t my kind of colour, I do like the result. I might knit a hat or a little shawl or cowl from it eventually. Another skein down, now on to the next!

Total spinning time: 1h 37m

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