Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tour de Fleece 2014: Day 16 - 20

Day 16:
I am still spinning the coarse mystery fibre, which will take some time, considering I have 200g of it.
Total spinning time: 0h 32m

Day 17:
Actually, this should be a day of rest, but since I will be away for a day without access to my spinning wheel this weekend, I am spinning today. I finished the first bobbin of the mystery fibre and started the second.
Total spinning time: 1h 00m

Day 18:
Another hour of spinning down. I caught a cold yesterday, but still try to keep up with spinning till the end of the tour. so far it's looking good!
Total spinning time: 1h 15m

Day 19:
I’m plying the first two bobbins and it is turning into a really nice fingering weight yarn. I am very happy with how it is looking, which I did not expect.
Total spinning time: 1h 0m

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