Monday, 21 July 2014

Tour de Fleece 2014: Day 11 - 15

Day 11:
Today's blog post of the Tour begins with a day of rest. It is hard not to continue now that I am used to spinning every day, but I think my back will be thankful for the day off.
Day 12:
Back to spinning! After two years I have finally started on the 50g of milk protein fibre I bought at Wonderwool. I have no idea what to use it for, but I do want to spin it up already and make room in my stash. Like everything so far during the Tour de Fleece, I am spinning from the fold, which seems to be the best way to spin milk protein fibre. It is a lot like silk and very wispy and I really like how it is turning out.

**Total spinning time: 1h 45m**
Day 13:
Only spun in the evening because I was too busy.

**Total spinning time: 1h**
Day 14:
I finished the milk protein tops and turned it into laceweight singles. It's a nice, shiny and sturdy yarn and I'm very happy with it. I may knit it up as it is or use it to ply with wool.

**Total spinning time: 1h 35m**
Day 15:
I started out with soybean top today, but really didn't like it. Since it is so slippery, I spun it from the fold, but it just didn't work. It seemed to stick and I could not draft it, so I gave up. Next, I broke out 200g of mystery fibre from Hilltop Cloud. It is really nice to spin, very springy, but also very coarse when  spun. Not sure what I will use the yarn for in the end, but for now I am enjoying the spinning process.

**Total spinning time: 0h 30m**

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