Monday, 7 July 2014

Let's Knit - Top 5 Makes Competition Prize

I got my prize for winning Let's Knit's #top5makes competition a little while ago and I am loving the colours of this Katia Silk-Mohair.

I have only knitted with similar yarn once before and it took me three years to finish that project, though it turned out beautifully. Now I am considering using up most if not all of the yarn I have collected over time to knit a jumper. 

I know this could potentially end in a disaster. First of all, it would takes ages to knit because this is very fine yarn. Secondly, I will have to do a lot of maths to get the pattern right and, thirdly, this yarn is nearly impossible to undo once knitted up. Ripping back is not really an option for large sections. 

Before I start on any project with my prize, I have a few other things to finish though, such as my grandma's bed socks. Christmas knitting has officially begun!

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