Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Tour de Fleece 2014 Recap

This was my first Tour de Fleece and I have really enjoyed how relaxed it has been in Team Must Stash. It got me spining every day for at least 30 minutes, which was my goal. Another goal was to use up some of the fibre I had had in my stash for years. I reached both those goals and have partly stocked up on new fibre too, but not as much as I have used up - which is a good thing. I also tried something new, which is spinning from punis. Here are the finished yarns in order:

Mixed blue merino singles
Singles using Fondant Fibre punis, Shetland and silk
I really disliked the colour of this fibre, but spun up and plied I am loving it.
Two samples: merino from Fondant Fibre and a little bit of soybean
Milk protein fibre singles, a new experience for me and it spun up really well.
150g out of 200g of mystery fibre from Hilltop Cloud. Very coarse, but great to spin.
And that’s it! I spun more than I thought I would. I challenged myself by using new fibres and punis. I used up things stashed for years. I spun a total of 29 hours and 29 minutes during the tour! Considering I hadn’t spun at all this year, that’s a lot. I mainly used my spinning wheel, but I did do some plying with a spindle. That's a lot of achievements in less than a month and I am very happy with it.

How did you manage during the tour? Did it make you want to give it a go next year?I'll be there!


  1. In love with first yarn! Amazing color!

  2. Thank you! The first yarn is made up of random blue shades of merino I was given a long time ago. It turned out really well.