Monday, 9 June 2014

To Teach or Not to Teach

People who know me from my previously life as an academic know that I taught at university for a bit while getting my PhD. Although the teaching side if it was what I considered a necessary evil of an academic career when all I wanted to do was research, I have recently been thinking about teaching again. Teaching knitting and possibly spinning, that is.

I would like to offer workshops and have been in touch with a place about this. However, instead of clear answers to my very specific questions, I didn't get a response for a month, and then when I did hear back, it was advertising for an event instead. So I am going to wait a while before trying again in the hope of getting some useful information. I like efficiency. I'm German.

In the meantime, I am considering taking a class in teaching crafts. This would definitely be helpful, no doubt. I am unsure about whether it would actually be much different from the advice you get about teaching in general, not just crafts. If it isn't, I wouldn't want to spend the money. I think I might just risk it, though, after a little more research into the class.

Tell me about classes you have taken. What were they like and did you enjoy them? Were they online or in person? What kind of classes would you like to take? Let me know in the comments.


  1. The best craft classes I've been to have been small, with time to allow you to complete a project during the class (rather than taking it home to finish something and never getting around to it).

    I've been to one of Eva Shackel's workshops about creating craft workshops too - I found it worthwhile and very useful.

  2. Thank you, Isla! I will check out the link.

    I think I would also prefer a small class, both as a student and a teacher.