Thursday, 26 June 2014

Stitch Surfer - Finished!

It was a long journey, but finally the Stitch Surfer socks are DONE! I have knitted 1 3/4 pairs of these socks and am so glad they are done. Mind you, these are great socks to knit and not as difficult as they may seem, but I don't like having to knit the same thing more than once at the best of times. While I still prefer the original colours I chose at the start, sadly, I ran out of yarn halfway through the second sock and had to start over. I replaced the green yarn with this stripey green yarn from a previously frogged pair. The contrast is still lovely though and I am happy with them.
I like the flow of the two colours and how they match no matter which way round you want to wear the socks. The heel is one I never knitted before and it gave me a bit of trouble for a while. You need to watch the video tutorial in order to understand the written  instructions - well, I did, anyway. Once I did that, the heel was really simple to knit. It isn't the best or most flattering heel and I don't like the boxy fit at all, but I didn't know exactly how to substitute my favourite heel and just went with it.
The foot is a little too long for me and it's a bit baggy due to the yarn I used, but the socks will be very cosy in winter and will allow me to wear a thin pair of socks underneath on very cold days. I also decided to make the cuff shorter because the pattern calls for a cuff twice that length, which is just too high for me. The current length is just right. I was afraid it would make the pattern look odd, but it flows quite nicely.
I knitted these socks as part of a Stitch Surfer KAL and you can check out all other participants by using #SSKAL14 on social media. 

Have you been tempted to knit these socks as well? What colour combo would you use? Let me know!

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