Thursday, 19 June 2014

Brainstorming Ideas For Craft Classes

I have surprised myself with how much I really want to teach again. I was so excited about it that I  brainstormed  some ideas for classes. Very quickly, I had this pretty long list of easy (for me) classes. There are others I could do, too, but they would need a lot more preparation than these, so I have left them off for now. What do you think?

 One-day sessions:

- How to knit a triangular/circular/semicircular etc. shawl
- knitting with beads
- spinning your own yarn
- continental knitting
- how to read knitting charts
- knit your first scarf
- knit your first hat
- how to knit socks (mini sock)
- knitting: design your own colourwork

Multiple session classes:

- sock knitting
- how to knit gloves

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