Sunday, 25 May 2014

What's in My Stash?

Recently, on Twitter's #knittinghour, the question of yarn stashes came up. Is two too many? What exactly is a stash? Does it count as one stash, no matter how many places or boxes you store your yarn in?

To me, all the yarn I own, no matter where I store it, is my stash. I have three 40 L storage boxes full of yarn and fibre that I have grouped as follows:

1. The top box contains almost all the yarn I bought and is on top because I have to look into it most often when I want to start a new project. Also, that's where all new yarn purchases go, of course. I don't distinguish between yarn weight or breed or colour here. So I have some really amazing yarn in there, but also some unloved yarn. 

2. The middle box is full of lovely spinning fibre and some spinning wheel accessories. It's my box of surprises because I offen forget what I bought at wool festivals a year or so ago. It is full of hand-dyed goodness from independent sellers and I love all of it.

3. At the bottom are my rare treasures that I seldom ever see - simply because I am usually too lazy to move the other boxes out of the way. Here I store all my own handspun and hand-dyed yarn that is waiting to be used for just the right project.

In general, you won't find much acrylic in my stash. I fear I am a yarn snob and dislike most manmade fibres because they just feel icky. When I started knitting, there was no decent yarn shop near me, so I made do with acrylic yarn and made a few pairs of socks from them. Not too long ago, I threw them away because I just couldn't bear how they felt. 

My stash is not particularly large. I tend not to buy yarn unless I am at a wool festival or I have a specific idea what to make with it. Still, I probably won't manage to knit all of my stash unless I deliberately plan to. 

I'd love to hear what's in your stash and whether you have a system to help organise it. Let me know in the comments!


  1. I managed to seriously deplete my stash of DK yarn by crocheting my daughter a granny square blanket. I'm thinking of doing the same with the 4ply as I'm sick of looking at it all! Just don't ask about my fabric stash!!!

  2. Wow, I think you are the first person I know who has managed to make a dent in her stash! Well done!

  3. I am a yarn snob too Nadia!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Remember it's not that you're a snob, it's just you have higher standards than other people.

    That's what I tell myself anyway.