Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Hand-dyed Sock Yarn in Teal

The main reason I was looking forward to the Knitting & Stitching Show last March was that Tall Yarns 'n' Tales was there and I love their range of undyed yarns. I stocked up on some sock yarn for future knitting projects, though I would have loved to get even more. In the end I bought three skeins, two of which are sparkly!

I have never used sparkly yarn myself. I did once dye sparkle lace in my first dyeing attempts years ago, but I sold it to one of my first Etsy customers instead of using it myself. Thanks to Tall Yarns I got busy with the dye pots again and set out to make lovely teal skeins for a new shawl. 

I userd the last bit of my teal Ashford dye and added some blue-turquoise Luvotex dye as well to make sure I get good coverage. Really, I needn't have done that. I could have gotten away with using far less dye, which annoys me now because I used it all up. Ah well. Anyway, both skeins are variegated just as I had hoped and are nicely saturated.

There was a bit of an issue with colour bleed at first. While washing out the yarn, so much of the dye kept coming out that washing for two days straight didn't stop it. In the end I heat-set the yarn a seconf time, which helped. Luckily, neither the washes nor the second round of heat-setting made any difference to the colour of the yarn.

The colours are fantastic and just as I had hoped! Sadly, my cameras can't cope with teal and show it to be far more blue than it is. Picture it a bit greener than it shows. The sparkle comes through very well and I really can't wait to knit my Imagine When shawl.

So now there is one undyed skein of non-sparkly smooshy yarn left that I intend to dye in a deep magenta for socks. I plan to use it on my next new design.


  1. That is a beautiful colour. Can't wait to see it knitted up.

  2. Thanks, Katy. I hope to start sometime soon, but I have a few WIPs going at the moment and want to finish one of them first. This knitting thing takes ages sometimes!