Saturday, 5 April 2014

Yarns and Fibres I'd Like to Try

So I've already written about my top 5 favourite yarns and now I'd like to show you some of the yarns and fibres I would really like to use some day. Let me know which ones are on your wish list!

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One of these is silk brick from Oliver Twists. I first came across the company at Fibre Fest in 2011 where Oliver Twists was situated right opposite the entrance to one of the large tents that held the show. The colours were amazing and all that silk looked so stunning that even today I could still kick myself for not having bought the deep yellow silk I spotted there! The following year at Wonderwool I found them again, but the last yellow silk brick went to a little old lady who was much fast than me. I did, however, get my hands on an undyed silk brick that still resides in my stash, waiting for the day I feel confident enough to tackle spinning silk in the wheel. This could be a while.

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A yarn brand you have probably heard of is Malabrigo. There are two reasons why I want to try them: 1) Their yarn looks fantastic whenever I found it in shops and the knitted items always look great too. 2) Malabrigo now also sells spinning fibre! One day I will have to give them a go. A lot of knitting patterns I like recommend Malabrigo so it would be nice to knit one of them with the yarn that has been tried and tested.

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Schoppel-Wolle's Zauberball has been on my wish list ever since it was first made available. Schoppel is a German brand that I like and whose sock yarn I have used a few times and they are quite durable. I would like to give Zauberball a go, either as a fingering or lace weight, because I think the colour gradients will look great in socks or shawls. I have seen a few finished projects from knitters on Ravelry and there are a few colourways that I can well imagine using for my own.

What would you like to try? Is there yarn or fibre you have been wanting to buy for ages, but never actually got? Tell me in the comments.

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