Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Where I Like to Buy My Roving

I am an occasional spinner so I tend not to buy my fibre in bulk like many people do. Instead, I usually pick out very specific small batches that appeal to me, mostly because the colours are amazing. I haven’t tried many different types of fibre yet either and will eventually remedy that with time, but since I only buy my fibre once in a while, I tend to go for what I know I like.

Though I have tried a few places by now, I have two favourites I’d like to introduce to you.
The first time I fell in love with hand-dyed fibre it was because of Mandacrafts. Her space-dyed Falkland tops is fluffy and amazing to spin up. You need to put very little effort into drafting and the result is always beautiful. I have made some nice, fluffy yarns with Amanda’s fibre and will definitely make more. Her stall is always the first place I head to at Wonderwool and other shows.
More recently, I discovered Hilltop Cloud. I particularly like the undyed wool and tempted to get some, but when I friend of mine gave me a rainbow-coloured braid, I was hooked. Now I understand why some of my fellow-spinners kept raving about it! My braid was incredibly fluffy and prepared to make spinning a breeze – and it was! I hardly had to do anything other than make sure I had just the right amount of twist in my yarn. The fibre was so light and easy to handle that I was pleasantly surprised. At the next show, I will definitely have to have a look around Katie’s stall too.

Have you got any tips for great spinning fibre? Let me know!

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