Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Return to Knit Club

I recently returned to my local knit club. Hard to believe it had been three years since my last visit! 

Previously, the meetings had been held in the new local wool shop, which was great at the start: it was a cosy place to be, surrounded by all that wool, with tea and cake and biscuits for everyone. There were only a handful of us at the time and we enjoyed spending a few hours on a Wednesday night together. 

But then things changed as word spread about our little group. With every week, we got more and more members and less and less space. This was a serious problem because we ran out of chairs at one point and had to start moving the furniture around just so people could sit. Gradually, knitters from an older, well-established knit club joined us too and the shop was full to bursting. What’s more, we could no longer come into the shop early and I spent a few winter evenings standing outside in the freezing cold.

At that stage I realised I was no longer looking forward to knit club at all. Due to the lack of space, I often ended up sitting far away from people I wanted to speak to and because there was no room to move anymore, I couldn’t get to them either for just a short chat. There were a few more things that I disliked and so I decided to leave. From that day on, I didn’t knit except in my own company, which is a shame because knitting with others is a lot of fun and a great social activity.

It was only recently that I thought about returning. I read that knit club had moved to a bar not far from my place and I thought it might be interesting to see what it’s like now. I think not having the connection to the wool shop anymore might be very helpful in making the group more open and relaxed too. So I packed my knitting bag and headed in over to the bar.

I was early and the bar is quite big, so I had to ask around till I found that the knitters had been banished to the basement that week. I was the only one there at that point and got out my knitting and waited. It took a while for the first two to arrive, both knitters who had only joined recently. It took even longer till some others came down and we were a mix of oldies and newbies. I was glad to see they still remembered me. I was surprised, though, that there were only 6 of us that day. They did tell me, however, that it had been very busy the week before.

I must say, the knitters were very tame, ordering tea and lemonade while I went for a caipirinha instead! I do love a nice cocktail. It was a fun evening catching up with old members and learning more about new ones. I will definitely return and perhaps it will become a regular thing again. Now I just need to find a knitting project that doesn’t require too much concentration. My lacy, beaded shawl is definitely staying home!


  1. Cocktails and knitting definitely a good combination. It's a shame I'm not more local otherwise I'd join you with cocktails!

  2. Hi Emma! I do love a good cocktail. Combine it with your favourite hobby and it's a win!

  3. Cool! I have joined a meeting club again, too. :) Isn't it nice to share your hobby with others? To be honest, that is almost the only occasion where I knit at all nowadays ... :D But this might change again some day, too.