Friday, 25 April 2014

A Knitting Pattern Gift

(All images from Joji Locatelli)

It's my birthday and, weeks ago, I got an early present from a friend in Germany in the form of a knitting pattern I had had an eye on for quite a while: Imagine When by Joji Locatelli. I especially love the shaping of it and it would look amazing in a squishy 4-ply. My dream yarn for it would be something from Indigo Dragonfly in Canada, actually. 

Instead, I plan to dye two of the sparkly skeins of sock yarn I bought at the Knitting & Stitching Show last month. They will either be magenta or teal in the end, I haven't decided yet. I am tending towards teal, but it mainly depends on how much dye I have left. I am also tempted to add beads. Of course. I may be a little obsessed with beads right now.
I imagine the shawl has a lovely drape, given the type of yarn used. It also looks like a good size though I have come to learn that even if something looks large enough on a photo, it may turn out tiny in reality (see my Kyna shawl which is disappointingly small and thus only wearable as a small scarf).

Once I finish my current project, I will probably get started on this and I am really looking forward to it. Maybe I won't be able to wait that long and will end up casting on early.

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