Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Shop Update: Ladybirds, Four-leaf Clover and Mushrooms

There's not been a lot of knitting going on at Abso-knitting-lutely HQ lately. Blame it on the sunshine! As soon as the sun peeked through the clouds (and, sadly, fog) I got out my box of polymer clay delights and started on some new stitch markers.

Here is a selection of old designs in a new colour and new ones. You may have seen the mushrooms before in other colours, but I never actually made them in red for some reason. The ladybirds are almost life size, actually! Just a tiny bit larger than the real thing, these stitch markers are great if you don't want to deal with larger ones getting in your way as you knit.

The leaves and four-leaf clover are new as well and a great spring addition to the shop. The red mushrooms originated from a custom order I received over Twitter and I have made an extra set to add to Abso-knitting-lutely just in case you fancy them as well. 

In the next shop update you'll find sushi, owls and peacocks.

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