Thursday, 6 March 2014

Knitting Inspiration: Whales, Mitts and More

(Images from the original designers)

Time for another round-up of knitting patterns that have caught my eye this week! The featured patterns are a mix of free and for-sale patterns, many of which are new to the Ravelry database. Enjoy!

1. Hazel the Humpback Whale can be downloaded for free from Ravelry. You can also have a look at how other knitters have managed to get on with this pattern. It was featured on the Ravelry homepage in late February, which is how I noticed it. The whale's total length is 26", knitted with DK yarn. I really like this one so if you knit it, let me know how it turns out!

2. I love this unusual construction of fingerless gloves. Pieces of Eight is knitted with fingering weight yarn and you will have to visit the designer's blog for the detailed pattern. Also check out her other patterns there, including more fingerless gloves knitted from the thumb and wavy colour knitting with short row shaping.

3. For 6 USD you can buy the pattern for Oriental Bay, a crescent shawl with optional beads. With both charts and written instructions, you can't go wrong. The colour change is fantastic!

4. Ancient Runes will also set you back 6 USD. It is knitted with worsted yarn and comes in sizes XS to XL. The back has a cute button detail that I really like and the stitch pattern is simple and looks like it is easily memorised. 


  1. Those mitts are really unusual and striking - must go and check them out! I'm also trying to think who I can knit the whale for, perhaps I'll just do one for myself for a change :-)

  2. I am also intrigued by those mitts. At first I thought it must be crochet, but it's not!

    That whale is fantastic, isn't it? I want to see pics if you make it.