Friday, 28 February 2014

Finally Knitting Fish

It took some time, and a few more times of ripping back what I had just knitted, to finally get on with my Bachforelle stole. It was an extremely frustrating and annoying knit and it was only thanks to other knitters' helpful notes on Ravelry that I finally had a break through and got the first row of fish done.
Now that I have cracked it, knitting is going well and flows nicely. I have finished the first repeat of fishes and I think i have at least 7 more to go! It will be a while till it is done, I think, but at least I won't be putting it all aside for yet another three years.
Let me know what you are working on right now. I can always use ideas for my next project!


  1. The colour is gorgeous and I love the lustre on the yarn… I've got project envy; my current thingy is a striped cardigan in Aran tweed yarns. About as different as you can get.

  2. Don't be envious! This is a frustrating knit half of the time. Took me ages to figure out.

    One day I hope to knit a cardigan too or, even better, a proper jumper! I am just dreading how much yarn I will need for my size, haha!