Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Customer Appreciation Photos - Yay!

(Image by Hollie)

Not too long ago, Etsy allowed customers to leave feedback for sellers including photos. Sadly, this was done away with last year with the introduction of the current review system so it is a rare thing for us sellers to receive pictures of our products in use.

But the great thing about the internet is that you can cannot with your customers in other ways and, in my case, I interact with many of them on Twitter now. So it happened that I made a sale during the very new #knittinghour on Thursday evenings and within two days Hollie's new stitch markers had arrived at her home. I thought I'd share her beautiful photos with you today.
(Stitch markers, as always, from Abso-knitting-lutely)

As it happens, Hollie is also an Etsy seller and has a stand-alone website here, so have a look at her knits and her cute kitty Elvis.