Saturday, 8 February 2014

Turquoise Lana Grossa Aluminium Fashion DPNs

I’m a little late to the party, but as an avid sock knitter, I just had to get these turquoise DPNs from Lana Grossa. If you live in Germany, you may have come across them already: it seems that Lana Grossa had a limited edition run of these Aluminium Fashion knitting needles for a while sometime last year. Others on Ravelry were talking about them, but by the time I fell in love with the colour, the needles were no longer available.
So when I found out that  Lana Grossa was offering them again this year, I got in touch with a German friend who graciously sent them to me because they don’t seem to be for sale anywhere else. I even know of a friend in Austria, so close to Germany, who had to have a German friend post them to her.
After months of first learning about these turquoise needles, I now finally have a set that will come in useful next time I knit socks. They are 2.5 mm DPNs with a length of 15 cm. I haven’t tested them yet, but they look and feel just like you would expect good DPNs to, so I am sure they’re perfect for the job. I really do love this colour! I hope that there may be other colours in the future too and perhaps they could be sold in other countries as well. Let’s just hope I don’t hear about them when they’re already sold out again.

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