Sunday, 23 February 2014

Seascape Stole - Finished!

You have been waiting very patiently for me to finish my Seascape Stole and now it is finally done! It only took three years...
I first began knitting this project in July 2011 and I cast off the final stitches in February 2014. That is an incredibly long time to be knitting, you might think, and you are right. But, really, I didn't spend that long actually knitting. There was a three-year gap in between because the knitting was not going well at all. 

Now, there were several reasons for this: 
  • I did not have good lighting.
  • I kept losing my place in the charts, sometimes I forgot which row I was on or I didn't know which stitch was next because the main chart was quite big.
  • The yarn is very fine and, most of all, fuzzy, so ripping back was almost impossible because the yarn would get knotted to other stitches.
Fast forward three years are things are different:
  • I have a nice little knitting corner in the flat with a comfy armchair and a floor lamp with a little reading lamp attached to it.
  • I bought myself a chart reader/folder a while back to help with the many knitting charts I use. It stands up so I can put the pattern on it and hold it in place with magnets that also serve to mark the row I happen to be on. 
 With these changes,  knitting Seascape became a breeze! It did not take me long at all - about two weeks - to finish it and I am genuinely surprised by how pleasant it was all of a sudden. And I love the result! This is a light and soft stole that I really look forward to wearing once it warms up slightly. And I also love the colour that really goes well with the design. Very pleased and happy!


  1. Looks wonderful! <3 I think you will treasure this even more now, because of the amount of time you put into it. :) Love, Christine

  2. That's true! Also, the yarn was a birthday present specifically for this pattern so it means a lot for that reason alone. I am really very happy with this stole. Maybe I will wear it today when I go out.