Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Knitting Inpiration: Socks, Shawl and Cardigan

Every day there are new patterns being published and some of them catch my eye, so today it is time for another round of knitting inspiration!

1. First off, Dawn Hansen's There and Back Again socks are so simple it's genius! Despite the name, I suspect there is no connection to Tolkien, but I really like this pattern anyway. The way the colours change back and forth is perfect and I hope to knit them sometime soon. (Help! I have too many socks already!)

2. Natalia's Maple Leaf Knit Shawl intrigues me because of its shape. One of my focuses during my studies years ago was Canadian literature, so this pattern naturally aroused my interest right from the start. Now if someone created a fern leaf shawl pattern to go with my focus on New Zealand literature, let me know! 

3. Key and Knot by Margie Mitchell is a cardigan I found in Knitty's winter issue 2013. I don't care that the design would make me look boxy - those cables are beautiful! Maybe one of these days I will actually knit a cardigan at last, who knows? If I do, I hope it will be something as stunning as this.

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