Monday, 16 December 2013

Knitting Projects 2013

Now that we are heading towards the end of the year I wondered how much knitting I have actually done in 2013. How much did you manage?

Going through my project list on Ravelry, I have completed 18 projects so far (the month isn't over so I may well add to the list later). So what did I knit?

In chronological order:
1. Rosebud from Berlin
2. Stockholm scarf
3. Skew
4. Ickle Bunny (made 3)
5. Delta socks
6. Ruislip
7. Graduation teddy (a gift - okay, crocheted, not knitted)
8. iPad Mini cover
9. Owling
10. Leftie
11. Spa Day flannel (made several)
12. Pi in the Sky (gift for grandma)
13. Blue Steps baby booties (custom order)
14. Christmas bauble
15. Bamboo socks
16. Kyna shawl
17. Gloves for V (gift)
18. Smaug socks

That doesn't look like a very impressive list on first glance, but I am happy with the things I have made this year. Between knitting, spinning and dyeing, this is a pretty good job, actually!

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