Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tutorial: Christmas Bauble

You will need:

·      2.5 mm DPNs
·      Leftover sock yarn in 2 colours
·      Polyester fibre 

Note: Fill the bauble with polyester fibre as you go.


CO: cast on
BO: bind off
sts: stitches
k: knit
kfb: knit front and back
ssk: Slip the next two stitches and then insert the left needle into the front loops of the slipped stitches and knit them together.
k2tog: knit 2 stitches together

Make the bauble:

CO 12 sts on DPNs

Knit in the round according to chart, repeating the pattern on each needle. Increases are made on first and last stitches by knitting into front and back of the stitch. Knit decreases as follows: ssk first stiches and k2tog last stiches.

 Click to enlarge:

Once the chart is knitted, k2tog till there are 6 sts left.


Knit icord: k all stitches in the round till it is 6 cm long. BO with Kitchener stitch. Fold the loop and sew it into place at the bottom of the loop. Done!


  1. Wonderful Nadia...such a clever idea and if I find the time I will knit my decorations this year :) Thank you for the pattern X

  2. Thank you, Sue! I hope you enjoy it.