Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Knitting Again: A Pi Shawl

The spell is broken! I am finally knitting again.

After all that spinning recently, I felt like picking up my knitting needles again to make something wearable. After all, this is the best time to start making Christmas gifts for family and friends before it's too late. 

I've decided to knit a shawl for my grandmother who always tells me not to buy her anything. I have two huge balls of no-name acrylic yarn in mauve that I never knew what to do with because I am not a fan of how the material feels. However, it is perfect for someone who doesn't want to worry about how to wash something made of yarn. My grandma will probably feel a bit chilly this winter in her basement flat, so I am making her the Pi in the Sky shawl in DK weight yarn. It might not look pretty in the end, but it will definitely keep her warm.

Thanks to my inability to read charts that are not numbered the way I like them to be, I ended up knitting the first chart really awkwardly! The pattern isn't meant to look quite the way it does now, but oh well. At least I won't be making that mistake again. I hope that blocking will help bring out the pattern as a whole in the end. 

At the moment I am already about halfway through the pattern, so it is actually a quick knit, and I get to use my pretty lace stitch markers and my blue bird stitch markers. What's not to like?

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