Friday, 13 September 2013

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Handmade

Handmade has been on trend for a long time now and there are lots of fantastic things out there that crafters have made and are quite rightly proud of. But why do people love handmade? Here are just 5 of many reasons:

1. Every maker has their own approach, their own style, their own signature that makes an item truly unique. You are given a piece of their world.

2. A handmade item is often rare and won't be reproduced identically (depending on the craft and method, of course). No one else will have quite what you have.

3. Crafters do what they do because they love it. They really enjoy the work they do and put a lot of love and time into making something beautiful.

4. Handmade items are the result of skill, artistry, a creative imagination, and often years of practise to perfect the craft. There will have been trials and errors, and the final item will be the best it can be, ideally. 

5. The process matters. This isn't a machine-made, duplicated item for a few pence. There is more worth in a handmade product that has been made by a person with a creative vision and the skill to make it a tangible reality than a quickly put together factory-made product that's only travelled along an assembly line.

Why do you love handmade as a maker or buyer? What's the most important factor when you consider buying handmade?


  1. I totally agree with this post and I know that a problem I've had is that people just don't realise how much time and skill goes into what we make. The thing I love most about handmade is its uniqueness I think, and how you can get things which are totally personal. For our anniversary this month I bought my hubby a cushion cover with VW Campervans (as our dream is to own one) and our names and the date of our wedding on it. It's beautiful and I never could have got it on the high street, especially not such great quality!

  2. Some great reasons! I love handmade because you can find something truly unique. It's great when looking for gifts as you can get something a lot more personal as there is so much variety on offer - not just the latest trend.

  3. Loving these comments!
    I guess what we like about handmade is as individual and diverse as the products.

  4. I totally agree with your post. I love handmade items because it is like the crafter is giving away a tiny bit of themselves to the object and the person recieving the object. That is why I think handknits can be so comforting in times of need.