Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Spun This Summer: Nearly Autumn

There's been spinning progress this summer! Though I didn't take part in the Tour the Fleece, I did a bit of spinning around the same time. 

What's the Tour de Fleece?

During the time of the Tour de France, spinners do their thing at the same time. They challenge themselves to spin a certain amount or tackle a new technique. A lot of people join teams all over the web, especially on Ravelry.com, to encourage each other and show off their progress.
I am taking this opportunity to show you what I have spun so far this summer, starting with Nearly Autumn.
Since winter, I've had 100g of this lovely fibre waiting to be finished. I had started it, but then it got much too cold in my flat to spin comfortably and I left it till early summer instead. The fibre was a gift an Austrian friend purchased from Easyknits.co.uk. 
Sadly, there was no info about the type of fibre (the original order got lost, so did the replacement, and the next replacement had no information about the fibre at all). All I was told was that this fibre is "much more special" than the original order. Judging from what was available in the shop at the time, I suspect it is Polwarth, but am not sure.
In any case, it spun up really well, was great to work with, and the colours blend well. The final yarn is a 2-ply lace, my favourite, but it hasn't been measured yet. I even had a little bit of my singles left in the end to knit something tiny.


  1. Danke, Micha. Ich war ueberrascht, dass das Endergebnis so schoen wurde. Die Farben passen wirklich gut zusammen.

  2. Beautiful! Makes me realise that I'm not nearly ready for Autumn!

  3. I'm with you there. I want the sunshine for a bit longer! Then again, I also love the change of season.