Sunday, 11 August 2013

Spun This Summer 2: Light Rainbow

(Images from Hilltop Cloud)

My friend Verena surprised me with this beautiful rainbow-coloured fibre from Hilltop Cloud on my birthday this year and I couldn't wait to start spinning it up on my wheel! The colours blend really well and I love how fluffy the fibre was. It was carded in a way to allow for very easy drafting so there was no need to prepare it. Perfect!
These 100g of Light Rainbow consist of 70% Shetland Wool and 30% Tussah Silk. Yum or what? 
At first I wasn't too sure about the hazy colours, but I do like the finished skein of my first single-ply lace and I can't wait to knit it up. I already have an idea what I want to make from it, but all I'm saying is that it will definitely be a very lacy shawl.

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