Friday, 31 May 2013

Sock Inspiration

Socks are probably the thing I like to knit most. They're perfect because you only usually need 100g of yarn, it's a small project you can carry with you if you have to, and it is fairly quick to finish them. My to-do list of sock patterns spans many, many pages and I keep finding new socks to add all the time. Isn't it a shame we only have two feet to knit for? I am running out of excuses why I need yet another pair of woolly socks.

If you need inspiration for a new project, have a look at these patterns that are among my top favourites (you know where to get your yarn from):
1. Smaug by Claire Ellen is a must-have for any fan of Middle-earth. I want to dye some yarn in a semisolid red to make these socks, but they would also look great in a golden-orange shade, I think.

2. The Owlie Socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel are simply cute! I love those owls and the use of beads for eyes. These socks are best knitted in a solid or semisolid shade so the pattern doesn't get swallowed up by all the colours.

3. I've actually knitted these Swedish Fish socks by Spilly Jane before, but they shrunk a tiny bit in the wash and now I can't get my feet back in! I would like to knit them again another time because they are just beautiful.

4. Cookie A.'s Clandestine have also been on my to-do list for a while and the only thing that's stopping me is the lack of a solid colour and the number of other beautiful socks. I will get around to them eventually!

What's on your list?

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  1. My daughter is a big owl fan so these would be a perfect birthday pressie. (Don't you just love having an excuse to go wool shopping!)