Saturday, 22 June 2013

Inspiration for Knitting With Beads

1. Let's start small. Why should knitting only be about jumpers, socks and shawls? There are so many fun toys to knit! And add a few beads into the mix while you're at it. This doughnut patterns is a quick and fun knit and the beads just make it even sweeter. Like all patterns featured here today, the doughnut is free (and free from calories too).

2. Ice Queen is a beautiful lace project I've had on my to-do list for ages. I even spun a fine single-ply lace for it and I'm sure I can find some suitable beads for it too. The question is just - when will I finally cast on?

3. Now, this pattern comes with a warning: if you haven't got the patience to deal with a lot of charts, this is not for you. I found Kleine Bachforelle to be an infuriating pattern to work with, but it is so beautiful! Needless to say, I haven't yet finished it. Somehow I seem to have a thing for fish in knitting, so of course I haven't given up on this pattern yet. There are beads running along with the fish and all throughout the edging at the beginning and end of the scarf. It is a long term work in progress, I can tell ya!

4. So now for something a little different. Knitting with beads is one thing, but have you ever knitted with wire? Check out Venezia, a step-by-step pattern that's perfect for knitting a neat and unusual wire napkin ring. if you have any spare beads, this is a great project to use up any odd leftover ones.

Have you knitted with beads before? What's your favourite project?


  1. Der Donut ist ja süss.
    Danke für die Ideen!

  2. Wow, I never have patience to do knitting, though my sister loves it. She knits wool socks for all of us once the autumn has come. It's hard work!! Great blog, why have you stopped? Greetings from xx

  3. Hi Eva! Wool socks are fantastic. They are probably my favourite thing to knit.

    I haven't stopped my blog, if that is what you mean. There are new posts every week. ;)