Thursday, 9 May 2013

More Knitting Needle Toppers

I’ve been busy making some more knitting needle toppers. At the beginning they were quite hard to make separately from the needles, so the best method seems to be to just mould them straight onto the ends. The trouble is that this brings with it its own problems, but I should be able to sort them out through trial and error. Or so I hope!

So far the toppers include sheep, cupcakes and sushi rice balls. I like how they look and am thinking of some more designs that would suit these bamboo needles. Perhaps ghosts made from glow-in-the-dark clay, mushrooms or beehives with tiny bees would be good too. I’ll give them a try next!


  1. I love them! Love the beehive with bees idea :)

  2. They look adorable. Ohh how I wish I wasn't a poor college student lol.